League play, for good and for bad, is a big part of tennis in NW Washington. Overall I’m a fan, but I understand the large court needs of leagues cause negative impacts. Especially for casual hitting, tournaments and social play. It is important to find balance.

As a year-round player, it is important to find balance with a variety of leagues for yourself. Men’s/Women’s leagues are great for developing your game and finding competitive matches. However, playing only these, you can miss out.

Mixed Doubles League Benefits:

  • More social interactions after matches. Players from both mixed teams seem to stay more often after matches to socialize.
  • Less stress worrying about your personal USTA rating. Mixed matches I believe don’t impact your rating +/- unless you only play exclusively mixed leagues. (Men’s/Women’s leagues affect your rating every match).
  • Playing against teams where one of the two players is more dominant, creates unique strategies and more poaching.
  • Often passive doubles play is punished in mixed. Therefore it takes some of us out of our comfort zone, which is a good thing.

As I’m writing this post in April, next up is USTA 40 & Over Mixed and 55 & Over Mixed, which are summer weekend leagues.

Summer Mixed Leagues (40+ & 55+)

  • In conclusion, I encourage more of you to play these. (Even if you are traveling some this summer).
  • Interest Form for my club (WSC) – if you are looking to get connected. (Or check with another tennis club and we look forward to playing you).
  • Most teams will play 6-8 teams matches. However, playing 2-4 matches for your team can help (in most cases).
    • Captain tip – bigger roster is important because player availability is often bad for same match for multiple team members. Defaults are lame.
  • Playing 40+ and/or 55+ will help you get ready for the Fall 18+ Mixed. If you fortunate to have strong teammates that can carry you to sectionals (like my teammates did for me this last year), you get an enjoyable trip to Sunriver!