WSC Members,
Off to a great 2020 and excited about more upgrades and events coming up! Also, WSC Members are the best – thanks for being awesome!

WSC | Policy Changes

Appreciate everyone following our new policy on front desk check-in! This has been super helpful to make sure we make the most of our tennis courts/facilities and provide up-to-date visibility into your account.
Please continue to follow the new policy and be patient with our front desk staff as they make sure everyone gets checked in! Thanks again!
Also, a quick reminder about contact info for the following:
Billing or account issues: (or login to our website using your membership number for both username and password)
Membership questions and issues: (George is always ready to help out with whatever you need!)
Thank you

Fitness Update

WSC | Fitness

Our new class schedule is now out! Please click here to view
A couple of exciting updates. We have officially started construction on our new small group training area. This will be for personal training, small group training, as well as team training.
We now offer day time tennis fitness groups run by Connor and Jeremiah. For those, or any of our small groups, personal training, or team training please email
For all of you ping pong players, the table will now be in the dome on your way to the lounge. This will give the table some more visibility and players so more room to play. We will announce our junior ping pong tournament in the next couple of weeks!
2020 is here so let’s tackle your fitness goals together!!

WSC | Golf Approach Shot Challenge

A reminder to any golf enthusiasts that the first Toptracer competition is a week from Saturday (the 18th) from 12:00-1:30pm. Toptracer will be turned on for free beginning at 11:00am. $20 entry per person and we are playing a better ball format with Toptracer’s “Approach Shot Challenge” now featured as 1 of the standard games on Toptracer. Flyers for this event are located at the front desk.
If you wish to have more information about golf events and happenings, let me know and I will get you on the golf-specific e-mail list. See you on the range!
Doug Kauffman
Director of Golf
Golf Approach Shot Challenge