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In this video, Jeremiah’s kids Isaiah and Corey, demonstrate 5 easy and fun activities to stay moving during quarantine. It can be difficult to get kids outside and off a screen, but if you get involved and creative, they’ll want to play these games all day.

WSC | Keep Your Kids Active During Quarantine

These games are awesome because they only require a minimum of two participants, but can be for the whole family when held in a relay race style.

Not only do these activities promote kids to be active, but they also help boost their immune system, add to their athletic development, and enforce critical thinking skills.

Make sure to practice social distancing and keep it in the household, have fun, and get creative!

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WSC | How to Motivate Kids to Be Active

Kids’ Fitness Personalities
In addition to a child’s age, it’s important to consider his or her fitness personality. Personality traits, genetics, and athletic ability combine to influence kids’ attitudes toward participation in sports and other physical activities, particularly as they get older.

Which of these three types best describes your child?

  1. The non-athlete: This child may lack athletic ability, interest in physical activity, or both.
  2. The casual athlete: This child is interested in being active but isn’t a star player and is at risk of getting discouraged in a competitive athletic environment.
  3. The athlete: This child has athletic ability, is committed to a sport or activity, and likely to ramp up practice time and intensity of competition.

-“Motivating Kids to Be Active” by Mary L. Gavin (MD) on

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