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With all Washington schools out until the Fall semester, parents, teachers, and students are all adapting by embracing distance learning; the education of students not physically present at a school.

WSC | Distance/Remote Learning

Many parents are having a difficult time balancing working from home and providing a learning environment for their kids so they can keep up in the fall. Studies are showing that disparities in school district curriculum are in-part due to their access to available resources.

We’ve gone ahead and compiled several online resources that can help you aid your kids of any age during this time. The link below also provides an article on setting up temporary distance learning.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids While Managing Distance Learning

WSC | YouTube Learning and Learn@Home

YouTube has introduced a destination designed to offer quality learning content for all age groups. Whether you’re studying for a test, want to learn a new skill, or are just curious about the world around you, Youtube.com/Learning has become a great tool to stay busy at home.

Learn@Home is a resource offered by YouTube that highlights educational channels that students can watch at home at any time. With pre-recorded and live-streamed content, this page also has categories for all age groups.

Both services emphasize content that helps supplement teacher curriculum, not a teaching replacement, for all age groups.

YouTube Learning

BrainPOP Jr.

WSC | Preschool and Elementary School

Featuring a “Wonder of the Day,” the site’s aim is to spark curiosity in children. Each day, there is a new question, video, and set of online and offline activities. The site is available in 60 languages and is text-to-speech accessible.

BrainPop Junior
Especially great for the K-3 set, families, teachers, and even entire schools can request free access to enhance distance learning through the lockdown. Science, math, reading and writing, social studies, and even arts and technology lessons are included and feature colorful drawings and graphics.

WSC | Middle School, High School, and Beyond

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy
The world-class university is offering its flagship classes for free to middle and high school students and teachers. Offerings include 40 to 120 hours of instruction and live webinars.

The site is offering 10,000 scholarships to high school and college students due to COVID-19, which has put graduation ceremonies, internships, and other opportunities on hold for thousands of students. Students can learn web development, mobile development, and data science skills through nearly 2,000 hours of lessons and unlimited mobile practice and real-world projects. There is also the always-free option, which offers 180 hours of instruction.

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy

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