WSC Members,
We’re into June now and hopefully you saw the last email/blog (located HERE) about our plans for re-opening. While the direction from the governor has been pretty confusing, we have been working with local tennis and fitness facilities to unify our voice to re-open with restriction at Phase 2. While we know this target remains undefined, we are staying optimistic and preparing for the modified re-opening we outlined in our last email/blog.
As we prepare June billing, we want to remind everyone that we are requesting support only from those who are willing and able. If you need to make a change to your account, please reply to this email or give us a call so we can make the necessary changes.
Here are some exciting new June updates:
  • Free Golf & Toptracer – For the month of June, we are opening the golf range and Toptracer 100% free to all active members so we encourage you to take advantage of the great weather and come see us!
  • Thank You Packages – We have finalized our Thank Your Packages with details and redemption instructions located HERE.
  • Outdoor Tennis Court – Our new high-performance tennis partner, NWHPT has been leading an effort to renovate the outdoor tennis court renovation! The current plan is to redo the court in RED CLAY which is super exciting! Planned completion is late June or early July.
  • Personal Training – With King County applying for modified Phase 1 to allow outdoor recreation, we will be starting personal training for 1-5 people once we’re given the green light. Please reach out to to coordinate with your trainer and we’ll let everyone know when we’re clear to move forward.
Thanks again for everyone’s continued support of the club. We are absolutely committed to open safely as soon as we are able.
Kevin Woo, Owner & WSC Management