Dear WSC Members and Families,

As most of you are aware, this morning at 11:00 AM, Governor Inslee announced his new coronavirus restrictions, including a pause on all gym and indoor sporting activities. Unfortunately, this new mandate does affect our tennis and fitness operations, and starting Tuesday morning we will only be open for golf. As disappointed as we are, you can all be assured that we, along with most of the state’s tennis community, will continue to fight hard for an exception from the State. It was the continuous effort by this same tennis community that allowed for tennis to open earlier than anticipated during the last set of restrictions.

Due to these changes, we will not be holding any of our youth or adult programs starting Monday the 16th. Our current tennis sessions will be pushed back to when we can reopen and every existing enrollment will be honored. Program participants should receive a more detailed e-mail tomorrow morning from our tennis department.
All private lessons and member booked courts will still be permitted for 11/16.

We will also be offering free golf buckets to all of our active members. Please check the website for our modified golf hours tomorrow. We are also working on a heating solution for the golf range to help provide an opportunity for families to stay active, safe, and outdoors.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support. We know there have been a lot of changes recently, and we will continue to work hard on our new booking system (so please continue to check your email for updates) and facility updates. It is only because of the generosity of our members that we are able to stay open and be able to resume operations when state regulations permit. Now, more than ever, we are asking for your help in keeping our club and community alive in Woodinville. We all hope to be back open as soon as possible; in the meantime, please stay safe, healthy, and positive. Please send any questions to and visit our website for any updates. We thank you ahead of time for being patient with responses as we are reducing our operational staff.


WSC Management