USTA Upcoming Leagues: 40 & Over Leagues AND 18-39 Leagues

Intro: Good opportunity for members to play more tennis, improve and meet more tennis players.


Returning or New Captains:

Step 1) Email Travis Roach ( to get your season team # creation link (not directly from Jill Borgida anymore).

Step 2) Jill Borgida (league coordinator) will email you team # and how to register online instructions to send team members

Step 3) Share team # with WSC members to invite to your team (see policy update below)

WSC Members looking to join a team?

  1. Returning player from last season: contact your captain from last year and register ASAP using the team # once provided to you. You do not need to fill out an interest form in this scenario if you have confirmed with that captain.
  2. Looking for a team: Fill out interest form below now and email it or bring to front desk.
    1. Turn in before 11/10/2019 for the best chance to get on a team
    2. We will do our best to connect you with a team/captain option(s) for that level. If there is not a team or space in your desired level but enough interest to start a new team, we can potentially add a team.
    3. Therefore fill out interest form now and encourage your friends/contacts to do the same!

Non-member USTA league participation (WSC policy update)

For some team levels, there are teams with members that need more players to fill out their roster to be able to participate, a limited number of non-members may be approved but only after members have had an opportunity to sign up. For approval, email with your request. If approved, the non-members may not register until after 11/10/2019 (to ensure members have opportunity first). These approvals if granted, are done for the benefit of the members on the team that otherwise would not have the opportunity to compete. Note, any approved non-members will be required to pay a higher league court fee (which includes the guest fee) at matches and may not reserve tennis courts at WSC.

Interest Form PDF