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All available WSC golf services will re-open on Tuesday, May 5th! Range hours will temporarily be from 10:00 am-8:00 pm.

We know there is a lot of excitement at the prospect of opening part of the club again.  At this point, there isn’t specific guidance on indoor tennis or pickleball facilities, but with our interpretation of Phase 2 – under groups of 5 and sustained/monitored social distance – we feel optimistic about partially opening at that milestone. Please read our Club Re-opening Guidelines to make sure we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

Again, we’re so grateful for our generous members and supportive community helping us stay open.

Adult Fitness Group Training Classes

Contact us at (425) 487-1090 to register.  Minimum of 4 classes.


  • Members    $20/class

  • Non-Members    $25/class

Beginner Bells

A great starting point for anyone that has ever been interested in Kettle Bells.  Kettle Bells are a great full body workout that burns a ton of calories while adding important functional strength.  This class will teach you the proper form while also giving you a crazy full body workout.

Circuit Breaker

Core & More

Hockey SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

This is another of our sports specific Speed & Agility, Injury Prevention classes for adults.  Taught by Jackie Soo (our amazing Hockey trainer), this class focuses on specific movements that will make you better on and off of the ice.

Tennis Dance Cardio

Tennis SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

This is an adult tennis specific Speed & Agility, Injury Prevention class.  These workouts are designed around improving your physical condition to support and improve your on-court play.  Quickness, flexibility, strength, and stamina will just be a few of the things covered in this fun dynamic workout.


This class is for everyone.  TRX is suspension training that uses gravity and your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.  TRX uses straps that can be adjusted to accommodate any level of athlete. It is a great full body workout.

Woman’s Warrior Sculpt