We’re now OPEN for restricted tennis and fitness.

Masks are required by Washington State mandate.  Please see our Covid-19 Guidelines prior to club use.

Tennis is now pay-for-play with no monthly dues.  Please see our Announcements & FAQ pages for details.

Adult Tennis Classes

*Prices are based on standard 5 Week Sessions. Holidays and exceptions may affect these prices.

Beginner – 2.0

Adult Beginner clinics are group lessons designed to cover fundamentals and techniques for all strokes in tennis – forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads & serves. Players will learn the importance of the rally and keeping balls in play. The goal for every 2.0 Player will be to rally a ball an average of 4-6 times with a peer at a slow to medium pace. Players will also learn the basic grip variations for tennis strokes and when to use them.

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Advanced Beginner – 2.5

2.5 Advanced group lessons focus heavily on stroke mechanics, rallying skills and serving. Players will spend time with their coaches on technique, contact point, and footwork. Rallying with peers a minimum of 6-8 times per ball is the goal to allow players to continue on with higher level clinics.

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Intermediate – 3.0-3.5

3.5 Clinics are group lessons that focus heavily on stroke mechanics, rallying and net play. Players will spend time on refining their swing shape, offensive vs defensive shot-marking and advanced footwork patterns. Rallying with peer a minimum of 12-15 times per ball at a medium to fast pace is the goal to allow players to continue on to Adult Advanced and gain a higher NTRP rating.

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Advanced – 3.5+

Adult Advanced Group Lessons primarily focus on point play, strategy, and higher-level mechanics. Players will spend time playing a variety of points that focus on both singles and doubles. Various strategies and footwork will be instructed. Players will be expected to rally 12-15 times and demonstrate a variety of spins and ball control.

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