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 Club Re-opening Guidelines to make sure we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

KidsFit Group Training Classes

Contact us at (425) 487-1090 to register.  Minimum of 4 classes.


  • $15/class

Kid’s Baseball SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

Taught by our amazing coach Karen, these baseball classes are designed to enhance performance on the field.  Whether it’s a quicker first step, improved throwing flexibility, or faster bat speed, this class is designed to improve any young player’s game by getting them in better baseball shape.

  • Tuesday • 7:00-8:00pm •  Ages: 11-14 • Karen Oneill

  • Sunday • 5:00-6:00pm •  Ages: 11-14 • Jeremiah Kiehl

Kid’s Hockey SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

Like our adult hockey class, kid’s hockey is also taught by our amazing hockey trainer Jackie Soo.  This class focuses on making your junior hockey player a better overall athlete by incorporating hockey specific training techniques off of the ice so that they can become better players on the ice.

Kid’s Mobility

Ages 8-10: This class is for the younger kids that just want to come out and have fun while moving.  Each week we have different focuses that will keep your little one engaged while getting a great workout in a fun and uplifting environment.  From parkour to obstacle courses, our trainers will design different challenges to keep the kid’s guessing and interested, all while burning calories and becoming better little athletes.

Ages 10-12: Advanced Mobility is an overall athleticism class for that more advanced junior athlete.  This is great for any young basketball, lacrosse, or football player. While still having fun, this is a more challenging next level class.  Our goal is to improve overall performance by increasing each young athlete’s strength, flexibility, stamina, and overall conditioning. This class is perfect for any junior who is already playing high level sports, but wants to take their game to the next level.

  • Monday • 5:00-6:00pm • Ages: 8-10  • Karen Oneill

  • Sunday • 4:00-5:00pm • Ages: 10-12  • Jeremiah Kiehl

Kid’s Soccer SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

 Another in our series of Speed & Agility, Injury Prevention classes.  This class focused on soccer specific movements to help your junior get in better shape and avoid injury.  From ankle work, to full body conditioning this class is designed to improve footwork in a number of different ways.

Kid’s Softball SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

 Like our baseball classes, coach Karen has designed these classes specifically for your junior softball player.  This included increased stamina, arm strength, and some actual technique as well. This is a fun class that will also push your player mentally and physically.

  • Tuesday • 6:00-7:00pm • Ages: 11-15  • Karen Oneill

Kid’s Tennis SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

We are offering a number of different tennis classes for kids, depending on their age. All of these classes will focus on getting your junior tennis players quicker, stronger, and more coordinated, while also taking them through important injury prevention training as well.

Kid’s Volleyball SAIP (Speed Agility Injury Prevention)

This class is volleyball specific conditioning.  Taught by Seann Smallwood, it focuses on everything that a junior volleyball player needs to improve their game on the court.  Proper footwork, lateral quickness, increased vertical, full body strength, and overall stamina are just a few of the things that coach Seann focuses on.