Welcome to WSC Fitness where our goal is to help everyone achieve their health, wellness, and athletic goals.  We offer the very best in Personal and Sports specific training, group classes, and team training.  Whether you’re an elite level athlete or a parent wanting to get in better shape so that you can keep up with your kids, we have the right trainer for you.  We are located inside the newly renovated Woodinville Sports Club and are open to the public as well, so please contact us and let’s get you one step closer to your fitness goals today!!

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We are excited to offer small group and team training.  Our trainers design sports specific programs that are safe and effective for every level of athlete.  Whether it’s tennis, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, or golf, we develop training routines for individual athletes, small groups, and teams.  If you are a coach or parent looking for that perfect trainer to help motivate, support, and elevate your child or team to the next level then contact us today.


We offer an exciting mix of old school and modern classes.  From Rizzmic to step, from Kickfit to Cycle, from Barre to Bootcamp, we have something for everyone.  Our classes are taught by fitness professionals who’s passion is to teach and inspire.  Out classes are educational as well as fun.  All classes are free to members and available to the public with a punch card.  Check out our new Fall Schedule for a full list of options.



Barre is a hybrid workout class combining ballet inspired moves with elements of yoga, Pilates, dance, and strength training.  This class uses a ballet bar and is great for overall body toning and core.  Please wear yoga style clothing and wither socks or bare feet.

Body Conditioning

This low impact, high conditioning class will work up a sweat and hit every part of your body. Classes start with step aerobics then moves to upper and lower body conditioning.  The class then ends with core work and stretching. 


A dynamic strength workout that incorporates kettle bells, TRX bands, sand bags, and weights. Taught by one of our personal trainers, BreakThru changes every time to ensure that your body keeps getting challenged in new ways each week.


Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other exercises to get a great cardio workout that is both fun and challenging.  We also include 15 minutes of core work at the end of each class.

Dynamic Stretching

Characterized by action, dynamic stretching increases range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments before they’re called upon for daily activity or sport.  Come join us as we stretch and move to upbeat music, helping you to improve mobility, decrease muscle  tightness, reduce the risk of injury, and improve performance!

Flow Yoga

This Vinyasa style class will help you develop strength, flexibility and a greater awareness of your body by synchronizing breathing with movement. 


Rizzmic is an All-American dance fitness class.  It is incredibly upbeat and always a good time.  What makes Rizzmic different is that it incorporates all styles of music from jazz to rock to hip hop.  So if you are a lover of music and dancing then this class is for you.


Step is an old school fun step aerobics class that works the entire body. It’s an upbeat workout for everyone and a great way to get all your cardio in for the day.

Step & Sculpt

Step class with weights to add some muscle and toning to an already great cardio workout.



Dance to the rhythms of Latin and international music while using a combination of high and low intensity dance moves to provide a high calorie burn workout that’s so much fun you’ll forget your even working out.


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