My Account Instructions

Logging In

Guests must create a profile HERE

Member First Time Log-in

  1. Click on the My Account button on the Homepage
  2. “☆ Bookmark this tab”
  3. Use your Member ID for the username AND password, found on the back of your WSC keycard
  4. You will then be prompted to set your Username and Password

My Account

Access Account History

  1. Log-in to your Dashboard
  2. Account History
  3. Set your Date Range
  4. Click on any Receipt # for details and/or printing an invoice

Adding a Card on File

  1. Left Navigation
  2. My Account V
  3. Manage Payment Methods

“House Account”: accrues charges and billed on a monthly cycle

“In-Club Purchases”: food and beverages, court fees, etc.

Make a Payment

  1. Any balances can be seen on your Dashboard under “My Account”
    • Green: Even balance or any credit held on the account
    • Red: Overdue
  2. Select “Pay Now”
  3. Enter Payment Amount
    • “Due Now” reflects any overdue payments
    • “Total Charges” reflects potential future dues (next month’s dues)
  4. Select Payment Method

Online Registration

Multiple Day Sessions/Camps (Tennis Classes and Summer Camps)

  1. Log-in to your Dashboard
  2. My Upcoming Courses/Events
    • Registered Courses will appear here
  3. Select “Courses/Events Schedule”
    • To register for courses
  4. Make sure to select the month that the session starts
    • Levels can be filtered through “Select Category”
  5. Select the Course you would like to register for
  6. Select registrants for the Course
    • Family memberships should contain all member parties
  7. Select “Sign Up”
  8. “Continue” to review course registration fees
  9. Select Payment Method and continue to “Pay $”

Booking Online Appointments

Tennis Court Booking

  1. Log-in to your Dashboard
  2. My Upcoming Appointments
    • Existing Bookings will appear here
  3. Select “Book Appointment
  4. The “Club” (Woodinville Sports Club) and “Category” (Tennis) will be auto-filled
  5. Select a Reservation Type under “Select Product
    • Ex: Ball Machine, Singles, or Doubles
  6. Add people to your reservation by searching their last name and selecting them
    • You will automatically be added to the reservation
    • A singles reservation requires 1 name
    • A doubles reservation requires 2 names
  7. From the “Select Resources” dropdown menu, select “All Resources” for all available courts and court times
    • Specific courts can be selected 
    • Waitlist 1 and Waitlist 2 reservations will be notified via email if their reservation has been transferred to a previously unavailable court.
  8. From the available courts, select what time of day you would like to reserve
    • Morning (5:00 am – 12:00 pm)
    • Afternoon (12:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
    • Evening (5:00 pm – 11:00 pm)
  9. Review your reservation details
    • Club, Date/Time, Product, and Court
  10. “Book”
  11. You should receive a confirmation email with your reservation details


(425) 487-1090


Tennis & Gym: 5:45 AM – 11:15 PM Everyday
Golf Facility: 10:00AM – 10:30PM Everyday


15327 140th Pl NE,
Woodinville, WA 98072