Ramping Up for High School & Middle School Tennis

"Separation is in the Preparation." I believe I heard Russell Wilson say this phrase. This fits with an important time NOW in the calendar year for aspiring high school & middle school tennis players. December and January are the key preparation months for development, team placement and future victories over rival schools. Ready for First Week - Challenge Matches? As [...]

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New Formats and More Opportunities in Winter Adult Tennis Leagues

League Tennis in NW Washington is very popular. Two leagues are running during Winter (January - March). Men & Women’s Tennis League: 40 & Over. This is the second largest league in the Greater Seattle Area. There are opportunities for new and experience players in this weekend-only format. 1 Less Singles Court. Team matches now will consist of 1 singles [...]

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Mixed Doubles Leagues: Better Variety in Your Tennis Year

League play, for good and for bad, is a big part of tennis in NW Washington. Overall I'm a fan, but I understand the large court needs of leagues cause negative impacts. Especially for casual hitting, tournaments and social play. It is important to find balance. As a year-round player, it is important to find balance with a variety of [...]

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TRoach Approach Blog Purpose

Intro: The game of tennis has been so rewarding in my life. I met my wife Alycia (I totally overachieved there) through tennis.  Through my career in tennis, I’ve met many amazing people. Therefore, I hope this blog gives back to the game in a small way. Background: I’ve had many cherished tennis experiences in my work career and as [...]

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The Game Starts Love-Love: New Tennis Parents Tips

Getting a junior who is new to tennis started, can be intimidating or confusing for some parents. A few tips in starting their tennis journey: Lifetime Sport: Whether your goals are to get your child active, connect them to a great recreational/all age sport or simply introduce tennis and maybe in the future they earn a college tennis scholarship (or [...]

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Is My Child Ready for Tennis Match Play? Where to Begin?

The questions above are the most common I’ve received over my years as a tennis facility director or tournament director. Hope this helps you get your child started with the best experiences possible! Q: When is my child ready for match play (yellow ball or green dot ball)? A: When your child can get in roughly 5 out of 10 [...]

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